Hi, I'm Ishan.

I'm a design-minded, detail oriented software developer passionate about combining beautiful code with very beautiful design.


I'm a second year student at SRMIST in Chennai studying Computer Science Engineeing. I have a little but comprehensive experience developing and designing software for the web, from simple landing pages to progressive web applications. I strive to create software that not only functions efficiently under the hood, but also provides intuitive, pixel-perfect user experiences.

I love learning new and better ways to create seamless user experiences with clean, efficient, and scalable code. I consider work an ongoing education, and I'm always looking for opportunities to work with those who are willing to share their knowledge as much as I want to learn. At the end of the day, my primary goal is to create something beautiful with people that bring out the best in me.

I want everything in my code to be just perfect. I code until everything is letter-perfect; until everything works as it is supposed to work. I love enhancements. I improve as I learn. I never settle.

When I'm not in front of a computer screen (super rare), I'm probably eating, playing my piano, or convincing my dad to get me a dog.

What I Do

Web Development

Using Angular + (awesome) Javascript, I have a passion for developing aesthetically pleasing websites and apps while maintaining a semantic, modular, and DRY code base.

Java Desktop Applications

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good." I strive to develop and implement responsive and elegant interfaces for desktop apps that adapt to any type of device or platform.


I design plush iOS applications with great functionality.


Beyond coding, I am a pianist. I love to jam with anyone who loves to jam.


Being the techincal lead of SRMKZILLA, a prestigious Mozilla Campus Club of my university, I try create awesome websites and apps.

Graphic Designing

Graphics are the gateway to beauty. I do design pretty logos, posters, and intro videos. The motto is to create something minimalisitic yet creative.

SRM Developer Students Club

Being a technical associate of SRM DSC, a prestigious Developer Students Club, initiated by Google Developers, I create awesome websites and apps for the community.



  • Swift
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Vapor
  • Django
  • Python
  • Java Swing
  • SQL


  • adobe-photoshop
  • adobe-indesign
  • logoist


  • checkmarkXcode
  • checkmarkVS Code
  • checkmarkBrackets
  • checkmarkGit + GitHub
  • checkmarkNetBeans IDE 8.2
  • checkmarkFirefoxDeveloperEdition


  • checkmarkSEO
  • checkmarkSource Control
  • checkmarkScalability
  • checkmarkSecurity



Delhi Public School, Indore

My second home.
I love this place and its people.
I did a lot of coding here. A. lot. of. coding.
Graduated in May 2017.

MARCH 2006 - MAY 2017

Java Desktop Application

Ticketious. A Bus Ticket Booking Software.

My first commercial-standard Java Desktop Application. I spent months to create it. Each bug squashed, every glitch cleared.
My external teacher gave me a letter of recommendation after seeing this. eeep! :)

Feb 2017


SRMIST, Chennai

Candidate for Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering in SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.
Graduating in Jun 2021.

Jul 2017 - Present

Technical Member

SRMKZILLA, Mozilla Campus Club SRMIST, Chennai

A proud moz://ian, I'm a member of this eminent Mozilla Campus Club.
I code a few websites and learn a lot of web development.

May 2017 - Sep 2017


SRM MUN 2018

This was my introduction to Web Dev. I had sleepless nights trying to learn how things worked.
A beautiful admin dashboard is the icing on the cake.
A website for my university's Model United Nations event.

Oct 2017


SRMKZILLA [v/two-point-oh]

A website for the club that taught me how to create one.

Launching Soon
Dec 2017



A website for the Society of Civil Engineers of SRMIST.
They design awesome buildings – from the inside, to the outside!

Jan 2018



A website for the guys who design the complex circuits on which my laptop works.

Feb 2018

Technical Member


A member of the Google-initiated SRM DSC, I would be doing a lot of projects in affiliation to Google. :')

Feb 2018 - Present



A website for the Student Research Copter Organisation of SRMIST.
They design drones that fly high, take pictures, and don't hit birds!

Mar 2018

iOS Application

The Meal Box

My first iOS Application, written in Swift.
It is pretty in UI and powerful in functionality.

But bro what it does? Surprise!

Launching Soon
Apr 2018



My very own, very complex, project showcase website.
The portfolio guides you through my projects, github links, and also tells you the number of coffees I drink.

Launching Soon
Apr 2018

iOS Application


A gorgeous UBER clone. Ishan-style!

Personal Project
May 2018

iOS Application

Frying Nemo

A fine-dining restaurant, with hospitality served by iPads.

Personal Project
Jun 2018

Technical Associate Lead

SRMKZILLA, Mozilla Campus Club SRMIST, Chennai

Honored to be promoted to Technical Associate Lead at SRMKZILLA.

Sep 2017 - Feb 2018

iOS Application Suite

Aaruush app suite

a. Aaruush | b. Aaruush Companion | c. Aaruush Pusher
Aaruush is the National-level Techno-management fest of SRMIST. It had 10,000+ attendees, 80+ events (going on simultaneously all around the campus) in 4 days. To manage all of this huge clutter, the app suite was planned in a very well-organised way. It managed almost everything, from event information showcases, live updates, real-time maps, generation of Aaruush Pass in the main app to scanning Aaruush Pass for event entries, assigning tokens, pushing updates, and allotting user-level permissions in the Team Companion app. Through Manual JSON-to-model parsing; Every bit of content is dynamic. All of this heavy networking tasks, with beautiful UI/UX planning, and also ensuring to keep the memory footprint of the app below the bar, took me around 3-4 months. But it was all worth-it since the app went 44th on Top Charts in Education category of App Store!

Sep 2018

iOS Application


A very cool demo app for a technology that I implemented for exchanging data between nearby devices via sound, just like Google Pay. Whisper is an attendance-managing app which exchanges secure tokens via sound. To elaborate: A server is planted on a table which is listening for whispers from devices of attendees/ employees. Whenever a device throws in a Whisper; the data (token) is decoded into a byte array and a hash of the token is generated and sent back to the user device, again, through a Whisper. The hash is matched with a local hash generated by the attendee/ employee device. If the hash matches, the attendance is flagged true on the Firebase Database [or a deployed Node.js web app, for what it’s worth].

Workshops that we instruct are jam-packed with students. It is tough to mark attendance of each and every student [for certification purposes]. This idea can help build a Kiosk for marking attendance, making things smooth and simple.

Personal Project
Nov 2018



A website for the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Computations in Engineering Systems, conducted by Department of Software Engineering, SRMIST.

Nov 2018

iOS Application


A chat app with elegant UI that supports sharing text messages, images, videos, code snippets [with syntax highlighting and validation of over 80 programming languages], files, videos, locations, and quizzes.

Personal Project
Dec 2018

Full-stack Web [MEAN]


A push notification service with gorgeous UI that uses Apple Push Notification Service to securely send awesome notifications to all the Apple devices out there.
I call this Ishan's Push Notification Service. :D
This can be compared with OneSignal, but free.

Personal Project
Dec 2018

Full-stack Web [MEAN]

SRM DSC Recruitment Registration Portal

A super cute recruitment application portal for SRM Developer Student Club - powered by Google Developers.

For the ❤ of UI!

Dec 2018

Full-stack Web [MEAN]


A robust, fair and beautiful recruitment portal for SRM DSC. Let me know if you want a tour of it. I am sure you'd love it. My best work yet.

Dec 2018



An awesome bulk email sender with support for barcode generations that can be scanned at the event to mark the attendee present. Simple, smooth, wonderful!

Jan 2018

Full-stack Web [MEAN]


An appointment scheduler for my father's clinic. Magically sends SMS and email to the patient reminding about appointment and keeps everything free from chaos.
Similar to Practo Ray, but free.

Jan 2018

Technical Lead

SRMKZILLA, Mozilla Campus Club SRMIST, Chennai

Hard work does pay off. One more thing off the bucket list.
Proving this decision right everyday.

Feb 2019 - Present

Technical Associate Lead


Promoted to Technical Associate Lead position in SRM DSC - powered by Google Developers. Oh, and also, Core Design at SRM DSC.
Thank you for honoring this geek.

Feb 2019 - Present

Presented Research Paper

Research Day 2019 @ SRMIST, Chennai

An Innovative Examination Scheduling Algorithm using Genetic Algorithms and Graph Colouring Techniques
Currently working with Examination Cell, SRMIST, Chennai to implement this algorithm across the campuses of SRM in India.

Do let me know if you want to have a read!

Feb 2019

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Smart India Hackathon 2019

Indeed an achievement I am very proud of. My first hackathon. Won nation-wide. Got a lot of media coverage. Was a super big deal.

Mar 2019

Core Design

Adobe Campus Club, SRMIST, Chennai

Creativity speaks.

Feb 2019 - Present


Ctrl Alt CODE - a national level IoT hackathon

Core organizer of a very, very successful national level Internet of Things hackathon @ SRMIST, Chennai.

Mar 2019

I know it is less for now, but I promise, it wont be.

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all.”

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