It's raining confetti.

Confettis are love.

Make it fun for everybody. Did your user just finish a workout? Or just unlocked a new character? Or just cleared level 42? Celebrate. Celebrate hard. Celebrate with confettis all over the screen.

It's raining confettis in two lines of code.

var icConfetti: ICConfetti!

override func viewDidLoad() {
  icConfetti = ICConfetti()
  icConfetti.rain(in: self.view)

Mix in. Max out.

Set up the visual aspect of the rain. Configure the particles along with their colors and their velocities as you please.

// Customize the colors... 🎨
icConfetti.colors = [.red, .green, .yellow, .blue]

// Tailor the confetti images. White template images work the best. 🖼
icConfetti.images = [
  UIImage(named: "Box")!,
  UIImage(named: "Circle")!,
  UIImage(named: "Triangle")!,
  UIImage(named: "Spiral")!

// Throttle the velocities... 🏎
icConfetti.velocities = [100, 128, 144, 512]

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